Why choose Platinum Play casino?

platinum play casino review
10 May

Why choose Platinum Play casino?

Canada, the land of online casinos! Are you looking for fun, adventure and excitement? or are you simply looking for novelty and above all the best? The extraordinary world of online casinos is what you need it seems. You are probably too lazy to look for yourself to find the best? Don’t worry, that’s what we did for you, find you the best! Indeed, according to our research Platinum Play casino is the best choice which you can see below.

Platinum Play a world-famous online casino?

platinum play

A world-renowned platform called Platinum Play casino, it is indeed one of the best online betting and gambling sites. And you realize it only by accessing the website where you can find no less than 700 state-of-the-art online casino games, which is crazy! and what is even crazier is that these games come with exclusive features, weekly as well as monthly promotions with huge sums. We can clearly say that the Platinum Play casino dominates all its competition by far.

The Platinum Play casino appeared in 2004, this online casino whose reputation actually precedes it above all, known thanks to its specialty which is slot machines and poker which has value it’s recognized throughout the world and especially in Canada. Its website has seven different languages.

Platinum Play belongs to the fortune Lounge Group like All Slots, Royal Vegas, Euro Palace and many others which has indeed facilitated his access to the podium.

Platinum Play casino reliability and security!

Reliability and security, the number one criteria to consider because the online world can sometimes seem scary, even it really is especially with these technological advances but that is obviously not the point. When you are playing online and constantly worrying if there are any security breaches it is preventing you from enjoying the fun of playing and thanks to the Secure Socket Layer encryption protocol or commonly said 128-bit SSL. This protocol keeps your personal data safe, your bank account is safer and more secure. And that is without forgetting the teams dedicated to the supervision and fraud of online risks which are directly accessible on the site if necessary.

Legally speaking, Platinum Play casino has concrete evidence that it is a reliable and secure online casino because it indeed holds a license issued by Kahnawake Gaming Authorities, that is to say that the site is tolerated in Canada which is an additional assurance that the site is respectful of national requirements and that the fear regarding the regulation of risky online games, and that the interests of the participants are protected by the State.

It also has a license from the Malta Gaming Authority which is governed by European online gaming laws.

Platinum Play casino and its bonuses

Although the welcome offer of Platinum Play casino is not original, it is still not negligible, it is in the form of five deposit bonuses proportional to the sums paid on the site which is not bad. 100% bonuses that double your deposits and are also capped at just over C$200, which basically means you can hit around 1 000 Canadian dollars bonus.

During the third deposit, you will receive as a bonus 50 free spins and it is imperative to unlock your bonuses and this is done by betting 30 times their amount in real money.

A loyalty program is also in place which rewards its most frequent players, it works like many online casinos with a point system, which will be paid for each game made with real money. For every 1 Canadian dollar bet on slot machines you will get 1 point, On table games 1 point will be with 5 Canadian dollars and the games with the lowest bids are classic blackjack and All Aces poker which only distribute 1 point per 100 Canadian dollars spent.

However, what is good with these points is that they can be exchanged with casino credits, 1,000 points for 1 credit, which is attractive when you think about it.

How to register and create an account at Platinum Casino?

The good thing about online casinos is that you can create an account and get involved. This is also the case with the Platinum Play casino which has made registration also easy for its players. It will only take a few minutes so here are the steps to follow to do it:

  • First, go to platinumplaycasino.com;
  • Second, click on the “register” button;
  • Third, complete the form with your personal information;
  • Fourth, validate the account via your email address;
  • Lately make a deposit and start the game.

You see, there is nothing simpler than creating an account!

And to validate your account, the most important step for a question of security above all. The Platinum Play casino will ask you to upload certain documents to your player account and it is through these documents that you will identify yourself. A copy of the identity document (identity card, passport or driving licence), proof of residence (gas or telephone bill) and a copy of the bank card with which you made your deposit will be requested and all this proves once again the reliability of this online casino and why it is good to choose it.

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